Monday, 2 December 2013

Transatlantic Reporting

I’m coming to you this week from the beautiful town of Kingsbridge, in Devon, England, where I will be based for the next few weeks. It’s not the best time to be in the UK, at least from a weather point of view, nor to be away from Merida, where of course the cooler sunny winter weather is starting, and we are welcoming back many of our seasonal residents.

I traveled from Merida via Mexico City and Amsterdam, on a ticket booked with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. From Merida to Mexico City, the flight is operated by AeroMexico, connecting with KLM’s service to Amsterdam. While I am no great fan of AeroMexico, KLM offers one of the best economy class products across the Atlantic, with good food, friendly service, and a wide selection of entertainment, and is always a pleasurable way to cross. Amsterdam is a great airport to use as a connecting point, with quick transit, and a wide selection of onward connections to Europe, Asia, and further afield.

For the next few weeks, I will be bringing you some observations from this side of ‘the pond’ as well as continuing to feature Merida and its events. Next week, I will be reporting from Dublin, Ireland, home of course to the world’s most famous pint.

Today, the internet is overwhelmed with expressions of grief for Paul Walker, an actor, who died in a car crash in his Porsche in Los Angeles. It would seem that vast numbers of people are in mourning. Apparently, I am one of the few people on the planet who had never heard of him, yet I consider myself fortunate that my life in Merida keeps me occupied enough that I don’t know the current ‘celebrities’. Keeping some perspective, I also read today that according to the United Nations, 21,000 people die of hunger every day in the world. For sure some of them are in Mexico. Strangely, no one feels the need to express their grief for them.

What else this week? The Feria Yucatan concluded yesterday, hopefully if you are in Merida, you managed to visit at least once.

Have you visited Canada Burger yet? Rave reviews continue to pour in, so if you haven’t tried this culinary treat yet, check our article here: and then go taste it for yourself!

And it’s the last week for Chaud Devant, at UVM. If you haven’t been, make the effort before they close! More details in our story here:

Saturday December 7 will mark the second ‘Noche Blanca’ in the centro of Merida. Did you attend the first one? It was a great success, and all indications are that the second one will be even better. A wide range of cultural activities will be taking place in locations in centro, including free entrance to museums, and many discounts at restaurants and bars. The event runs from 8pm to 2am, so come along and enjoy.

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