Sunday, 23 February 2014

Plaza Carnaval – a work in progress

XMATKUIL, YUCATAN.  Merida’s “Carnaval 2014” begins on Wednesday, and the first parade at the new location (the Xmatkuil fairgrounds, south of the city) will take place on Friday. Work is in progress at ‘Plaza Carnaval’, however as of today, much still remains to be done to create the different ‘zones’ which the city is promising will ‘revolutionize’ the experience.

At the main entranceway to the parking area, some of the ‘gradas’ (seating stands) are already in place.

Outside the fairgrounds on Calle 50, some barriers have been placed, and some minor tree cutting has taken place.

Inside, the former ‘Playa Sol’, well known to fair-goers, is in the process of being converted to ‘Guitarra Loca’, which will be a feature of the ‘Área Juvenil’ (teen area).

This zone will also feature a skateboarding area.

Except for the addition of some statues of comic book characters, the rest of the fairground still looks remarkably similar to its normal state when the ‘Feria Yucatán’ is taking place.


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